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Genetic research looks to save pallid sturgeon

He refers to it as such, but the hunt that a researcher at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is helping conduct is far more difficult than finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”

Research looks to solve equine colic mystery

Colic. It’s a grim word with dire meaning for horse owners. Colic kills backyard ponies and million-dollar race horses alike. The early symptoms can be subtle, easily missed. By the time the signs are unmistakable, sometimes it’s too late.


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Student to meet with nation’s Ag industry leaders

Emily Loehmer, a Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate student, wants to make an impact in public health nutrition. She’ll have the chance to meet policy makers and experts in that area at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Outlook Forum next month as a participant in the Student Diversity Program, a section of the forum.

Debate teams begins new year on strong note

The Southern Illinois University Carbondale Debate Team brought home tournament championship trophies as its first act of the new year. With this latest victory, the team is poised to make a run at another national championship.


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Carbondale will be Eclipse Crossroads of America

Though Aug. 21, 2017, seems like a long way off, it’s not too early to begin making plans to be at the Eclipse Crossroads of America.. read more...

Programs to look at military/civilian relations

A new initiative at Southern Illinois University Carbondale will explore the complexities of the relationship between civilian and military life.. read more...

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